Insulation with a feel-good factor

Comfort within your own four walls, the creation of a pleasant room climate, and protection from winter cold and summer heat are all directly dependent upon the properties of the building materials and insulation employed.

As a result of heightened sensibility regarding sustainability issues and the increases in energy costs, in recent years the insulation of buildings with the aim of achieving energy savings has developed into a major priority. Moreover, a growing awareness of the problems relating to the excessive heating up of building interiors in summer has also helped to make clear the advantages of excellent heat insulation during the warm months of the year. And where air conditioning systems are in use, this leads to a cut in operational energy requirements. Positive effects are tangible in both a financial and climatic regard, as our daily energy needs are still covered largely by fossil fuels. Clearly, if we consume less energy, the emissions of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, will also be reduced.

During product manufacture, we at MPA make a considerable contribution to environmental protection. Polystyrene that is suitable for recycling is milled and then mixed with a special, mineral-based compound to form top quality ThermoWhite® insulation material. The company’s fundamental aim is to produce a material oriented towards the practical needs of the building industry, which can be used for applications such as floor, attic, and flat roof insulation. In addition to the outstanding characteristics provided by join-free heat insulation, ThermoWhite® also offers improvements with regard to impact noise.

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