Heat insulating - Impact noise insulating - Level compensating

Among its many uses, for many years ThermoWhite® has been employed successfully as flooring, attic and flat roof insulation. ThermoWhite® can also serve as an excellent pool or vaulting backfill.
As a result of the minimal percentage of mixing water, ThermoWhite® can be safely used in connection with wood ceilings and its low weight is more than welcome to statics engineers.

scope of application of ThermoWhite®

As a rule, the installation of utility systems in the unfinished floor is preferred. Electrical and water installations and controlled room ventilation systems are all to be found in this construction. This makes the proper laying of insulation sheet virtually impossible and their cutting automatically results in cold and noise bridges.

pipes are tightly sheathed and protected by ThermoWhite®herkömmliche Dämmplatten
insulated with ThermoWhite®
conventional insulation sheets

ThermoWhite® solves this problem due the fact that it adjusts perfectly to the pipes, which are thus tightly sheathed and protected. This also means that the level compensation required for the floor is also achieved. Dimensional stability, durability and feathery lightness are just some of the characteristics of ThermoWhite®, which thus offers considerable advantages over other types of bonded insulation fillings. As a consequence of the fact that very little binder is added, only a minimum amount of mixing water is required, which in turn speeds up building progress.

The advantages

* Depending on thickness, temperature and humidity (please see technical data)
** on request

The parameters of the material were determined using testing pursuant to ÖNORM B 6550-1 and 2

Binder pro m³
Water content pro m³
Heat insulation
Polystyrene granulate
Load-bearing capacity
60 kg
45 l
5 - 10 days *
1000 l
In line with standards
Standard loose fill insulation
120 kg
80 l
14 - 21 days
1000 l
In line with standards

The smaller the binder additive volume required to garantee standard load-bearing capacity in rato to the EPS granulate, the better the heat insulation value obtained. Therfore, it's the binder that makes the difference.

The complete characteristics at a glance

What is ThermoWhite®?
ThermoWhite® is a heat insulation material with impact noise improvement characteristics, which due to join-free laying also provides level equalization and flush pipe sheathing that prevents noise and cold bridges.

The basic materials contained in ThermoWhite®:
ThermoWhite® consists basically of a mineral binder, milled packaging polystyrene and water. The binder is comprised of various components, which in physical terms cover a large surface and ensure rapid setting and drying.

ThermoWhite® applications:

Excellent heat insulation
With heat conductivity of λD= 0,050W/mK ThermoWhite® numbers among the best insulation materials used with this type of laying.

Thick layers possible
Thick layers are no problem with ThermoWhite®. Heights of up to 50 cm can be achieved in a single process without additional binder. This guarantees resistance to loads in living areas and offices.

Quick drying
As a consequence of quick drying and the low mixing water content of just 4 Vol%, building times are far shorter than with other bound loose fill insulation materials. This ensures the rapid progress the construction work.

Cost-efficient laying
As a rule, an area of 350 - 500 m²can be completed daily.

Can be laid on slopes
The surface can be created on any type of slope and therefore ThermoWhite® is ideal for area insulation and angled flooring (uniform flooring thickness).

Join-free laying prevents noise and cold bridges. Horizontal processing guarantees a uniform layer on the flooring (no maximum or minimum thickness, ideal for screed).

Underfloor heating
For many years, ThermoWhite® has been in successful use in combination with underfloor heating systems as heat insulation with improved impact noise characteristics. ThermoWhite® provides all installation lines with a tightly fitting sheath with the result that heating pipes can be laid cleanly on the horizontal surface without any obstacles. Moreover, as a result of the horizontal surface, a screed of entirely uniform thickness can be guaranteed. Even temperatures on the surface prevent the cracking, which occurs in the case of differing flooring thickness.

Low area weight
As a result of its low area weight of approx.112 kg/m³ and the minimal mixing water requirement of around 4Vol%, ThermoWhite® is ideal for wooden ceilings and floors and vaulting in both old and new buildings.

Attic insulation
Among other uses, ThermoWhite® is ideal for renovation purposes. In attics, any type of flooring or dry screed can laid on top of ThermoWhite®.

Step roof insulation
n this area, ThermoWhite® stands out due to its excellent heat insulation characteristics and dimensional stability. No back ventilation is required. Important! Please note the damp blocker. Use a vapour permeable, roofing underlay.

Dry screed
ThermoWhite® makes an ideal underlay for dry screed. High levels of dimensional stability in a dry condition make the laying of element sheets easier and faster.

Environmental protection
ThermoWhite® only employs milled, polystyrene packaging material. We are all aware that our planets reserves of raw materials are not inexhaustible. Accordingly, it is all the more important for the human race to recycle existing material rather than to simply dispose of it.